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          Shenzhen subway: free WiFi really want to come?
          Date:2014/4/15 Hit:2610

          Shenzhen subway WiFi will be officially opened at the end of this month, the first will be opened 1,2,5 three lines.

          Line 4 with the MTR negotiated after the opening time; Line 3 due to the construction period began late, later opened. Passengers connected to the "MyWiFi" hot spots, the client automatically launched called "I" APP download page, each time after the installation of the application can be automatically connected. After the release of this news, causing friends hot.
          Users to point to praise the speed of hope to force

          @ Venus goddess - Chi Ling: Shenzhen Metro free WiFi enabled this month, humanized services for the people

          @ Small is not Dong: This should be to change the world of science and technology ... ...

          @ Unknown truth of the female man: this point praise, but how the speed of the network

          @ Daddy a good girl: Shenzhen and welfare friends, poor flow of children, no longer have to worry about traffic is not enough

          @ Phone 夲: great, 1, 2 line often sit. After the summer can not hide in the subway, from the east to the west, and then from the west to the east rub wifi ah

          At that time, will there be a lot to buy a ticket, to sit for a day? For example, the domestic Starbucks

          Expect full coverage worry about sitting

          @ Fat people want to lose weight of the heart: because still in the test, the car is not yet covered, but by personally test, on the 1st line Huaqiang Road and Huaqiang North Station on the 2nd station without wifi coverage

          @ Slow eight beat: the bus and the platform can also cover it, we squeeze the bus of the child that the flow of paper can not afford to hurt

          @ Lin Hantong-Tony: When is the bus coverage? The

          @ Niu Xiaoyuan is me: from now on the bus and take the subway ride station rate will be greatly improved

          Who is responsible for the safety of who is responsible for the safety

          @ Miss board bridge: who will bear the operating costs? Who is responsible for network security?

          @ Yanshan Mr. - Yan: the world is not free lunch, will listen to it? Will advertising continue? Will the software be installed in the terminal?

          @ Elvira-forest: subway TV has been advocating bow to play mobile phone affect health! Now open to WiFi. It is not more mobile phone

          @ Wind here hovering: will not radiation more and more

          @ Ma Xiaoya has 31 years old: the phone party more dangerous, and we all only care to play the phone, do not look at the road, do not look at thieves, do not let the seat, but also way

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