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          Chengdu subway: "private car + subway" travel
          Date:2014/4/16 Hit:2850

          Home in Longquanyi, how every day in front of 8:30 in the morning, to 20 km outside the Chunxi Road, near the unit smooth punch? 30-year-old Mr. Wang felt that driving through the city is not the best choice.

          From last year, Mr. Wang found the nearest Metro Line 2 Chengdu Administrative College Station, built an open car park, stop a day car cost less than 10 yuan. He began to try to drive from home to 5 km away from the subway station to stop, and then take the subway to the city center units.

          "Before driving to get off work, fuel costs, parking costs about 15681 yuan a year now choose the 'private car + subway' way, spend 5773 yuan a year, can save 9908 yuan." A year later, the king Mr. accountable household accounts, found to spend on commuting to work, with a very significant change.

          Drive to the bus, subway junction, and then select the public transport into the central city. Mr. Wang's way of travel is not a case, more and more people in Chengdu chose this low-carbon and economic way of travel. In the just released in Chengdu, "for the tangible things" ten livelihood projects, clear the year will start the construction of P + R transfer car park 1. At present, in addition to the Chengdu Metro Line 2 administrative school site, the Metro Line 4 West Metro Station and Metro Line 3 Phase II Zhen Town Station has also been identified to build P + R transfer car park, There are more than a thousand berths.

          Chengdu Construction Committee official said, "P + R" parking is through low parking fees and convenient transfer, part of the private car traffic to attract public transport. Public accounts

          Driving in January to run 1000 km "P + R" only run 220 km

          "Before driving to get off work, the oil is not the most distressed, just calculate the daily parking fee, I feel the meat in the pain. Back to work overtime overnight, pay 78 yuan parking fee, feel heart is broken. "30-year-old Mr. Wang engaged in the real estate industry, who lives Longquan station, a day unilateral by 20 km. According to the 22 working days per month, he drove to work to run 880 km. Combined with traffic jams and bypasses, this figure can be estimated at 1000 km. He only careful planning, to control travel costs.

          Chengdu Metro Line 2 after the opening, Mr. Wang began to use the "car + subway" combination mode to get off work, drove every day from the subway station to the distance of 10 km, 220 km per month. Every morning at 7:10, he will own Ford Focus car out of the district, in the case of traffic jams, 10 minutes to reach the subway administrative school station. Due to start earlier, Mr. Wang can always "grab" to the subway station supporting parking spaces, do not worry about the car nowhere to park.

          "Stop the car to sit on the subway, about 15 minutes." Mr. Wang told reporters, as long as the subway, less than 40 minutes, you can enter the office near Chunxi Road, "a lot of people think that I work trouble, in fact Not at all". He revealed that he had done the test, the peak of driving to the city, far from the subway speed, "take the subway very convenient, not only cheaper traffic jams."

          In addition to travel convenient, the cost is also the focus of Mr. Wang to consider. "The downtown parking is difficult and expensive." He said that if the car to work, the monthly oil costs and parking fees will be more than 1,500 yuan. In contrast, the cost of travel by subway greatly reduced. Reporters visit the subway station next to the parking lot working day before 9 am to full

          Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to Line 2 Chengdu Administrative College Station, see the subway station next to the four parking lots, are full of cars. Which berth 200 or so Hongliu convenient parking lot, is the Hongliu community to ease the public parking is difficult to build a temporary subway supporting parking lot. The community director Liu Dequan said that this is not the true sense of the "P + R parking lot", because the "P + R parking" is the need to use the same traffic card to complete the parking fees and subway costs settlement. But the public use of the car parked in the subway station, and then take the subway mode, in the travel effect, similar to the "P + R parking lot" to encourage the bus travel mode.

          "6 o'clock in the morning to open the door, closing at 11 o'clock in the general 8 o'clock or so, the car will be full. Most people will have to pick up at 6 o'clock in the evening." Hongliu convenient parking lot has introduced the master, here to stop , Are generally the direction of the people of Longquan, the car will go here and then subway. Parking lot in the open air parking day spent about 6 yuan, almost all work days to stop, parking is hard to find. Indoor parking 2 yuan from the price of 5 cents per hour, 10 yuan cap.

          In the Metro Line 2 Xipu station, also has a matching parking lot, can park nearly 300 vehicles. Parking lot of Ms. Zhou introduced, the public parking is completed, walk to the station to take the fast iron or subway is very convenient, do not have 10 minutes to get on the train. Where parking 2 yuan starting price can be stopped for 4 hours, then 5 cents per hour, stop a day also a few dollars. Usually working day, 9:00 before the full stop. His mountain stone


          As of the end of October 2013, 37 rail transit facilities in Beijing around the P + R parking lot, a total of 7513 parking spaces. More than half of these parking spaces are permanent P + R car park, the standard fee of 2 yuan per day, each parking space to enjoy financial subsidies 7 yuan a day.


          Shanghai currently has a total of seven P + R car park, the future will build more than 30. Parking is available at P + R, and you can enjoy a discount of $ 5-10 per day.

          United States

          In order to develop public transport, to reduce urban environmental pollution, the last century 80 years, the United States began to develop P + R car park. In most areas of the United States P + R parking lot, the driver can enjoy parking free, bus transfer to the normal charge of the concessions.

          Experts explain the construction of P + R parking is the trend is intended to promote environmental travel

          P + R is an important means of foreign urban traffic demand management, widely used. As early as the 20th century, 30 years, some people abroad to start a study. The study of P + R in the UK began in the 1960s and was the first P + R facility in Oxford in 1973 and is still in use. Today, P + R facilities in Europe and the United States, Japan, Singapore and other countries in a number of large cities are widely used. In some large cities outside the subway, bus departure station, have built a large P + R car park, generally can accommodate tens to hundreds of cars parked, suburban personnel into the city, the car can be parked in this parking lot. Some parking lots, but also built a large supermarket and shopping center, both to facilitate the transfer of public transport and the purchase of necessities, but also played a role in alleviating the urban road traffic pressure.

          In Chengdu, the establishment of P + R parking lot is a big trend. Chengdu Construction Committee Public Construction Department official said, has been planning P + R parking lot 3, are located in the main city outside the subway station near. "Chengdu Administrative College Station, a berth 500, is the city's first start construction of the P + R car park." He revealed that, in addition to the Metro Line 2 West West Metro Station and Metro Line 2 two days Back to the town station P + R transfer car park project has been identified, the number of berths and Chengdu Administration College station is about, is currently in the design and other preparatory work stage.

          The person in charge said at the same time that the two parking lots visited were not in the true sense of the P + R model, but had the effect of P + R. "P + R must be a seamless transfer." He explained that the future construction of the parking lot is completed, the public driving to the parking lot, need to credit card to store. Parking can be seamlessly transferred to the subway bus, get off work back to the car, the last credit card payment, "the whole process, that does not delay the time, very convenient."

          To promote environmental travel, is the P + R parking lot of the original intention. He told reporters that the number of motor vehicles in Chengdu increased year by year, "This travel is more environmentally friendly, it can not only ease the traffic pressure, save personal time, but also reduce air pollution.

          P + R

          Ie Park and Ride, the meaning of parking transfer. P + R parking lot is actually transfer parking lot - morning drive into the P + R parking lot, and then transfer to the subway to work units, after work and then take the subway to reach the parking lot,

          drive home.

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