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          Kunming subway: the first phase of the project running time is "GB" for
          Date:2014/4/16 Hit:2541

          Yesterday, from the Kunming Rail Group Co., Ltd. subway operating company was informed that the Kunming Metro Line 1 and 2 of the first phase of the project, according to the "urban rail transit operation of the basic conditions" and "urban rail transit operation and management practices" two new national standard Preparing for acceptance.

          The new national standard stipulates that the subway train punctuality rate should be greater than or equal to 98.5%; the future subway traffic line will not operate less than 15 hours a day, the traffic organization to work 24 hours, and to develop normal circumstances, abnormal situation and emergency situation Under the traffic organization program. In addition, the passenger complaints require the operating unit to set up a full-time agency and full-time staff to handle the complaint, the effective passenger complaint rate per million should not exceed three times, the operating unit received a passenger complaint, should be handled within 24 hours, The processing is completed and the results are told to the passengers.

          According to the person in charge of the operation of the subway operation company, the daily operation time of the northern section of the first phase of the Kunming Metro Line 1 and 2 is under the "basic operating conditions for urban rail transit operation", which shall not be less than 15 hours. Stop the ticket time for the last train to the station 5 minutes before the stop ticket for the last train 2 minutes before the station. As of April 13, Metro Line 1, the first phase of the first phase of the operation plan to achieve the rate and punctuality rate reached two 100%.

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