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          Zhengzhou Metro: Nanyang Road is expected to open at the end of the line and the third line of synchronous construction
          Date:2014/4/16 Hit:2715

          Yesterday morning, the city's 14th session of the Standing Committee held the first "director of the reception on behalf of the day" activities, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Chairman Bai Hongzhao under the auspices of a number of livelihood issues have been resolved. Much attention to the cultural road renovation project was started yesterday, Nanyang Road, the construction program is also being developed, plans before the end of the year and Metro Line 3 to implement the transformation. Shopping mall road milling project, new rural community construction, campus traffic safety and smooth construction of the livelihood of the people has become a hot topic.

          Key words smoothing project
          On behalf of the sound

          A short section of the road there are many large pit, Yin Jinggai sagging serious damage, pavement cracks have depression ... ... in the Municipal People's Congress on behalf of a master of Pei Pei, densely filled with cultural road, Nanyang Road, Mall Road on three roads The problem. "It is recommended to refurbish the pavement of Cultural Road, Nanyang Road and Shangcheng Road, and prohibit or excavate the road as little as possible." A

          Department reply

          Invested 1.5 billion overhaul 38 city roads

          "Cultural Road, Nanyang Road, Mall Road and other roads do exist road aging, serious illness problems in recent years because of traffic pressure, overhaul works delay can not start, but with the Metro Line 1 project, three-ring rapid engineering Have completed the city traffic congestion problem will be a certain degree of relief, but also for the municipal road overhaul to provide an environment. "Municipal Administration Bureau Zhao Xinmin said yesterday.

          "City management of more than 200 million square meters of road there is a 'disease', that is one-seventh of the road there is a problem." Zhao Xinmin said that this year, into the municipal road overhaul of the city a total of 38 roads, and strive to start this year , Completed in the first half of next year, will basically solve 70% of road disease problems, a total investment of 1.5 billion.

          Zhao Xinmin said, Nanyang Road, the construction program is also being developed, taking into account the parallel and close to the cultural road, Metro Line 3 and Nanyang Road coincidence, Metro Line 3 plans to start by the end of this year, in order to avoid local traffic chaos and redundant construction , The city plans to be cultural road construction is completed, and Metro Line 3 will be implemented simultaneously.

          Because the city road from west to east single road, taking into account the recent Jinshui Road rapid progress into the implementation phase, shopping malls and Jinshui Road parallel and closer, in order to avoid local traffic chaos, at present, the City Authority is arguing Mall Road Road The basic renovation works are changed to pavement milling works, and the section is implemented at night, that is, from 10 pm to 6 am. During the day, traffic will not be affected during the day.

          "This demonstration program will soon be organized after the implementation." Zhao Xinmin said.

          Key words new rural community management

          On behalf of the sound

          "Now the new rural community has been completed, the living environment improved, but a variety of post-management system is not perfect." Municipal People's Congress Fan Haifeng proposed, such as the late property management, water, electricity, roads, communications, sewage treatment and other facilities Installation, and garbage removal and other issues, the proposed government to introduce relevant policies for standardized management, so that residents living in the new house can really achieve the results of development sharing.

          Departmental response 26,300 rural residents moved into new communities this year

          In 2012, the municipal government promulgated the "three-year action plan for the new urbanization of Zhengzhou City", highlighting the planning and control areas such as the county group, the industrial agglomeration area and the various development zones, and so on. Outside the surrounding 3 km community construction, not suitable for people living in coal mine subsidence area, poverty alleviation relocation community construction and do a good job on both sides of the road demolition resettlement community construction.

          Statistics show that as of the end of 2013, the city six counties (cities), Shangjie District has started a new type of rural community projects 104, completed an investment of 4.87 billion yuan; construction resettlement housing area of ??14.985 million square meters, 92 million people moved back. In 2014, the city will build six new communities, the total number of community construction will reach 110, plans to invest 2.869 billion yuan, the construction of housing 211.28 million square meters, the cumulative completion of 13 communities during the year, the return of the masses of 26,300.

          Xu Zhen said that the city relies on the grid mechanism, build community service connection platform, explore the establishment of a diversified property management model, such as "villagers involved in the village committee", "village appoint", "village Management model "," government investment management model "," foreign property management company "and other property management model.

          Key words campus traffic safety

          On behalf of the sound

          Municipal People's Congress Yang Jingge said that at noon and at night school traffic congestion, social miscellaneous personnel took the opportunity to gather, to the school teachers and students, nearby residents bring greater security issues. Hope that the relevant departments to coordinate the traffic control traffic control departments at the school gate to plan the grid yellow line and stop the horizontal line; in the afternoon 12:00 to 12:40, 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm restrictions on motor vehicle traffic (ban, single ), To strengthen the police on duty.

          Department of the city to answer the security of the school entrance

          Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment official said yesterday that since last year, the city has a total adjustment of the Longzi Lake kindergarten, Jinwen primary school, Xiangyang primary school, seventy-five schools such as nearly 100 schools logo, marking, lights and other traffic Safety Facilities. The traffic police brigade organized the police in-depth school communication, the school traffic safety facilities around the thorough investigation. For example, during the peak period of the school, the adjustment of the door of the individual school lights with the time, in some schools at the entrance to slow down the slowing of the tips and planning crosswalks and so on.

          Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Zhang Jianhui said that the proposed public security departments in the city recently to all the city's entrance to the traffic safety of the census to see whether there are vehicles ahead of warning and notice signs, and strive to create a safe for students Travel environment.

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