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          The Development of Urban Rail Transit in China and the Problems
          Date:2013/6/28 Hit:1418

          National Development and Reform Commission Fundamental Division inspector Li Guoyong

          First, the basic situation of urban orbit development
          In recent years, the scale of cities in China has been expanding, the urban population has grown rapidly, and the rapid growth of motorized travel has become an important problem in the sustainable development of cities. Urban rail transit is a kind of large capacity, convenient, The city public transport mode, in alleviating the city traffic congestion, optimize the layout of urban space, improve people's quality of life and so played an important role.

          China's urban rail transit has experienced the early stages of the fifties of the last century and the rapid development of the nineties, the overall development of our health. Up to now, China has approved 36 cities in the track construction plan, the total mileage of more than 6000 kilometers. As of the end of last year, China has 17 cities opened the city rail transit lines, the total operating mileage of more than 2100 kilometers, the average daily passenger traffic 24.48 million passengers, the annual passenger volume reached 8.7 billion passengers.

          Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other large cities, the basic formation of network operation system, and achieved good network effect, Tianjin, Wuhan, Nanjing, Chengdu and Chongqing and other cities to form a basic network, urban rail transit has become people travel In an indispensable way.

          Second, the development of urban rail transit opportunities and challenges

          At present, China is in a new era of accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, urban rail transit is also facing a new development situation, in order to meet the needs of urban development, urban rail transit construction needs. In recent years, China's urbanization process is accelerating, the next decade, the city will continue to expand the scale of the city's economic development, the number of medium-sized cities will also increase rapidly.

          It is predicted that by 2020 the level of urbanization will reach about 60%, then, with the construction of urban rail transit conditions will be more and more cities, is expected to reach 50 or so, covering the country's major cities. From the perspective of the development of urban distribution of rail transit, at present, mainly concentrated in the eastern region, especially the eastern coastal cities, the future will continue to show the rapid development of the situation, the central region will develop steadily, the western region by the population and economic strength constraints, The scale of the recent construction is relatively small, but the future development needs may be strong. At the same time, different cities in the future will show different development trend, one is Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities have formed a rail transit network, the future will be based on the characteristics of urban development and passenger demand, encryption and expansion of network structure, Traffic network benefits; Second, Wuhan, Nanjing, Shenyang, Chengdu and other cities have been built backbone lines, will accelerate the construction of rail transit network; Third, the city will focus on the construction of the main skeleton line.

          With the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, the future development needs to strengthen the planning guidance and strengthen the supervision, May 13, the State Council held a national teleconference, Premier Li Keqiang made administrative reform mobilization report, the administrative examination and approval system reform is the current government to speed up the function change , Through the reform to solve the government and the market, the relationship between government and society, through the decentralization of power to further play the role of the market and then configure the basic role of resources to stimulate the vitality of the market players to enhance the endogenous power of economic development.

          In accordance with the overall requirements of the transformation of government functions, included in the national approval of the planning of urban rail transit project approval, will be delegated to the provincial investment authorities, and the implementation of the approval authority and responsibility simultaneous decentralization, control and supervision to strengthen the project approval authority decentralization, Can reduce the approval process to improve work efficiency, speed up the preparatory work, to play the local government closer to the actual advantages, is conducive to the overall development of rail transit. But it should also be noted that at present, the city government to build rail transit enthusiasm is very high, individual places also exist regardless of the actual, excessive ahead of the signs, if the implementation of the regulatory measures can not be synchronized in place, prone to investment impulse, The country will be in accordance with the clear responsibility to strengthen supervision and control ideas, from strengthening the planning guidance and restraint mechanisms to improve the level of planning and the quality of pre-work to strengthen the quality of the work, to strengthen the planning and implementation of the program, Planning and implementation of supervision and inspection, the establishment of the project sector in the linkage mechanism, good things, after the supervision, control policies and measures.

          Third, the future development of urban rail transit requirements

          In order to adapt to the new development situation, the future urban rail transit should focus on doing the following aspects of the work:

          First, to further improve the level of planning. The city people's government should be based on the overall planning of urban development, development strategies, objectives and the use of land, comprehensive traffic requirements, appropriate ahead of the preparation of project planning, and make land planning, strengthen the integration of integrated transport hub, Development needs and financial situation, continue to adhere to the principle of orderly development, rationally determine the intensity of construction, scientific choice of construction projects, information disclosure system, improve public participation, play the role of public opinion.
          Second, according to the law to promote the project construction. The city people's government as the main body of the project should be in accordance with the state approved the plan to deepen the preliminary work of the project, according to the law to promote the project construction, the government does not interfere with the project schedule to ensure that the project reasonable duration, strict tender, material procurement, Safety and quality of the project management system, to promote the construction project information disclosure and integrity system, and create a good market environment, put an end to local protectionism.

          Third, increase the support of the government. To implement the guidance of the State Council to give priority to the development of public transport, adhere to the public welfare of urban rail transit, the city people's government to establish construction funds and operating subsidies for long-term mechanism to encourage comprehensive development, give priority to the protection of construction land, Facilities planning, construction and use of comprehensive development revenue for the development and construction of rail transit and make up for operational losses, improve the financial system, the formation of rail transit and urban construction and development of coordinated development mechanism. In accordance with the bus priority regulations in the concessions, according to municipal facilities to enjoy the same price.

          Fourth, strengthen the training of personnel training and research and development. At present, China's urban rail transit is an unprecedented pace of development, talent supply and demand contradictions, talent pool is obviously inadequate, the quality of personnel to be further improved, to make full use of various social resources, play industry associations, institutions of higher learning, The establishment of training bases and cross-regional exchange training mechanism, enterprises to implement the relevant training system, focus on basic theoretical research and major scientific research work arrangements, improve the combination of production and research mechanisms to enhance the development of urban rail transit potential.

          The above is our preliminary ideas and views on the development of urban rail transit, for your reference. Let us in the future work, and jointly promote the healthy development of urban rail transit industry.

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